Fun and exciting experiences

Entertainment building with direct access to Yokohama Station

Fun and exciting experiences Entertainment building with direct access to Yokohama Station

This facility is an experience-based complex entertainment facility made in various themes, and provides a chance to experience new sensations with entertainment contents. The building used to be an annex to the Yokohama Central Post Office and was remodeled to create this unprecedented entertainment facility.

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In a country like Japan filled with an abundance of things, people have begun to cherish intangible things such as exciting experiences, interpersonal communication, and self-realization, therefore increasing the needs for space, time, and connections that enrich people’s lives.

ASOBUILD has different themes designated for each floor, such as the latest technologies, handmade production, and kids, and redesigns existing entertainment by the power of culture, creativeness, and technology. ASOBUILD aims to provide visitors with new experiences to colorfully decorate their lives.


To make your world more colorful.
Enjoy playful Asobi experiences on each floor!

Asobuild Yokochō
An experience-based gourmet floor gathering Yokohama’s famous restaurants
The one and only multi-brand shop of entertainment experiences that keeps evolving
Over 20 genres of hand-crafting experiences offered per day for everyone to learn the fun of creating
A space for kids and parents to play, learn and discover a new world
A sports community near Yokohama Station for futsal, basketball, and other sports
An amusement bar lounge made with a concept of “a quality playground for adults”